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Here are my issues with Finder. If anyone has any fixes/workarounds I'd be very grateful.


- Finder opens windows in the background sometimes, quite a lot

- Show in Finder most often doesn't bring up a Finder window at all

- Quick preview seems to be broken most of the time showing a grey screen. It stuffs up within seconds when I'm browsing photoshop files needing a killall in the terminal. I know this is in Apple's bug fix list but it wasn't working in 10.7 still not fixed in 10.8.2. I use killall daily, at least once.

- This browser window that I'm typing in disappears behind Mail sometimes when I go to Finder

- Cmd-tab to Finder doesn't always work. Probably because Finder crashed while I was writing which is likely related to the connection to my imac in the other room that will have gone to sleep by now.

- When a downloaded icon changes to complete, I can't just click on the icon to open it - I assume because it had a location reference to the temp file it was downloading and not the actual file

- Spotlight has been indexing my macbok now for 2 weeks - yes I've restarted

- The image dimensions aren't always displayed for gif, png, jpg in the preview pane

- Searching subfolders just doesn't work. Why do I need to go to spotlight to search subfolder. I'm in the folder I click search, select the folder I'm in rather than the whole mac. Nothing comes back. I know the file is there. I can go browse to it.

- Sorting and arranging are not the least bit easy to use - I've discovered after 2years that alt- on the arrangement icon sorts rather than arranges or the other way around - thanks for hiding that. It doesn't seem to tell me when I'm arranging or sorting though. Sometimes I can sort by date modified by click on the column title, other times I can't

- Getting a new Finder window e.g. on a new blank desktop should be easier. Stop taking me back to the windows I have on other desktops

- When I cmd-tab to Mail I want to see my mail window, not a bar at the top of the screen that allows me access to a new 'viewer' window via a 3 key shortcut.


The last 3 are usability, and the last one probably not a Finder issue.


Resetting the permissions doesn't help.


I've had computers since I was 9 (33 years ago). I make websites and write ios apps and have worked as a project manager in IT. I can use the terminal, edit plist files, and do a handful of other intermediate level workarounds/hacks. I expected these issues to be teething troubles when I moved from Windows to Mac 2 years ago, but on a daily basis I still get annoyed at Finder. It's flaky and usability totally stinks. So many things about OSX are great, (gestures and shortcuts) but Finder is not one of them.


Any help on any of the above would be apprecated


OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)