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My PC does not connect to the itunes store.  When I run the diagnotic, it says I have no internet connection.  I do have a wireless connection. I have an Iphone and Ipad.  Does anyone know how to fix this on a PC?  I have had this problem for months.  Itunes would back up the phone,  but I am not able to connect to the Itunes store,  so I cannot update my songs, apps,  or sign up for match.

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    It could be one of the three:


    1. iTunes store is currently having a technical issue with their own server. Solution: wait and try later.

    2. Does your internet explorer or other web application still functioning? It might be your own connection. Solution: Restart your modem and contact your local internet service provider.

    3. Your iTunes may be corrupted. Solution: Uninstall your iTunes and download a fresh copy from apple website.


    Hope it helps

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    To supplement kylefei's post, try rebooting your router by unplugging the power for about 30 seconds and plugging it back in.