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    After upgrading my iPhone 4S to iOS 6.0, I too was victim to the mysterious battery drain issue. So after troubleshooting my device (turning off location services, disabling bluetooth, etc), I was able to narrow down the trouble to the 'Messages' app. I found that if I didn't manually force quit out of 'Messages' after sending or receiving a text, my phone battery would begin to rapidly drain over the course of 4-5 hours (while on but idle).


    What I had luck with was doing a restore on my iPhone 4S through iTunes. Once my phone was restored, battery life was back to iOS 5 levels with normal messaging use. Funny thing was, after the iOS 6.0.1 update, 'Messages' was back to draining the battery again. One more restore and my phone was working normally again with no excessive battery drain. Try this restoring solution and good luck!


    Can't wait for iOS 6.1, hope this situation is fixed. (Thanks a lot Forstall.)

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    Not sure anyone else's problems were related to pending itunes u downloads, but if so, here's how I fixed mine.

    The downloads were qll stuck in a "processing" mode that would not cancel, or I just couldn't find the right one to cancel so it would roll over to let me cancel the others as they started.  I deleted the itunes u app, and resynched it from my computer.  It seems like the itunes u downloads can "stick" for hours, and start downloading randomly later when I am out and burn through battery and data, regardless if I have "use cell data" turned off on all itunes and cloud options.

    Deleting the app and resynching it from itunes got rid of these stuck "pending" downloads.  I also said "don't synch" when it asked to use apple id to synch notes and course.  Turned on cell data on and battery isn't burning and doesn't seem to be rushing through data...  Last night it went through half the data plan (though my phone didn't see this usage somehow) and nearly the entire battery in a few hours, and would turn hot again as soon as i turned on cell data, so I think it's fixed...

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    I'm just adding "me too" to this thread. There seem to be alot of fixes, but having to remove 90% of my apps and functionality that I paid for is ********. This is the second time i've had battery issues with this piece of **** 4S phone. So much for it just works...

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    Update to my original post:


    After a couple of days I noticed having Push on was a problem; it constantly kept my iPhone running warm. What has worked for the past 3 days was turning Push off and setting all email (and iCloud) accounts to Manual. Before doing this it would constantly keep the 'MobileEmail' process running in the background (whether set to Push or Fetch).


    I also turned the iCloud account on. I have no real use for it as I backup thru iTunes, but leaving it off causes certain background processes to start/stop in an endless loop or just run constantly (By turning on iCloud and turning on ONLY Contacts & Documents & Data it keeps those processes under control.


    Lastly, I turned off all options under Location Services >> System Services (especially Traffic). Having Traffic on caused the 'geod' process to run whenever & GPS icon to pop up whenever charging & driving.


    Doing the above has given me decent battery life over the past few days (~10% drop/hour with usage -- standby virtually no drop). This is by no means a solution, rather a workaround until Apple addresses the numerous bugs in IOS 6.

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    Delete mail accounts and it solved it for me.

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    You mean iPhone is great as long as you don't have to use it?

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    Sorry I was feeling lazy. I went into setting and deleted my gmail account and then my hotmail and everything was fine. I then set them up again and everything was ok again. Using my phone now after a full charge and I'm still on 100% after about 10 minutes;-)

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    After turning off Push Email,  and turn off  3G,  only EDGE,  and using SYS Activity my iPhone still is alive!!


    7:38 100% Stand by.

    8:04 100%  Using twitter,  e-mail manual,

    1:04 76%    Using twitter,  e-mail manual,

    3:24 52%    Using twitter,  e-mail manual,


    Best regards

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    I have been working with my iPhone since 11am today. It is now 2:44. I was a bit delayed in updating to 6. I did it this morning and immediately, my perfectly functioning 4S started to drain like crazy. I immediately closed out all Apps. The problem was, having it on the charger, it was still losing battery. It recognized the charger, but it was pulling battery life so fast, it was overpowering any postiive charge. I couldn't read enough, or work through enough fixes fast enough, so now it is completely dead. It will not charge on any charger. It just sits there with the red battery and lightning bolt. I've called Apple, and the two people I've talked with said "We've never heard of this being a problem" Do you read your own forums?????? It is DECEMBER 1st. People have been posting about this since September. I was able to do a factory restore (walkthrough with apple rep) by holding down the sleep button and home button for 8 seconds while connected to the computer. After the 8 seconds, I continued to hold the home button until iTunes let me restore. The phone never came back on after the restoration was complete. Now it is still stuck on the red battery and lightning bolt.


    Has anyone else's phone died completely and been unable to charge? Any advice?

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    Do you have insurance with your carrier?  Maybe you can

    get the battery replaced.  Apple should make their batteries

    replaceable like Samsung.

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    Well I am lucky in the sense that I am still under warranty. So Apple will replace the phone after our third conversation (which occurred after my post). I still think it is insanity that there isn't an official fix. I have at the moment gotten it to start working again. I'm going to give it a day or so before I type up what I did to get it fixed. Reason being, I don't want to type it all, just for it to fail again . But if it seems like a permanent solution I will surely let everyone on here know.


    I also really appreciate you taking time to reply to me.

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    I have an iphone 4S with 64gb memory, not a very cheap phone to buy.... but i am verry sad.


    1 hour 30 idle and lost 26% of battery ??? ran the latest ios update but nothing seems to help!

    siri off

    email off

    reset to stop the background apps.....


    i'm missing my old phone now and the money i spent on this phone.

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    I have an iPhone 4s.  I had this problem, too.  I tried many suggestions, but what finally worked for me was to set it up as a new phone, e.g. not use a backup to restore it.  I also deleted my calendar,  The battery lasts longer now, but not as long as my iPhone 3g's did.  My 4s still gets hot sometimes, but not nearly as bad as it was.  Now, if I only connect to my home WIFI with my iPhone 4s.  I was able to connect to the network up until the upgrade to IOS 6,  I haven't yet found a fix for that yet, in any of the forums.

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    did not do anything with my phone and we are at 50% now !!!

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    Hi Friends,


    I have found a solution for my iPhone battery life: recharge the battery until reach 80 to 90%. Make a full recharge just once a month (IOS 6 User's Guide). It takes few days to see the improvements.


    Hope it will be helpful