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After changing my laptop and with an iPod and a mass of stuff not on iTunes I needed to sort it out. Knowing that it cannot be done through Apple I looked at the commercial software. So far I have tried 3 programmes - MediaWidget, TouchCopy and iExplorer. The downloading and installion processes are straightforward, but when I come to transfer all three have failed. Everything is fine but they simply won't transfer. None of them. For the moment assuming that I am not the village idiot can anyone point out anything that might be the common link that would point to a problem with the iPod. It is a newish Classic (July this year) 160 Gb and until it lost all sound recently it was running with a Bose Docking system. The sound failure is both through the Bose and the Pod's earphone socket so the Bose can be eliminated. My system is Window 7 (64bit). Any advice offered would be welcomed as I am delaying having the Pod looked at until I have all my 66 gigsworth of music is copied and safe from clumsy hands.


Also if anyone has had sound problems with a new iPod and found the cause that would be a help.


Thank you,



iPod classic, Windows 7
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    See this excellent user tip from another forum member turingtest2 outlining the other methods and software available to help you copy content from your iPod back to your PC and into iTunes.

    Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device


    It's hard to say for sure what is going on for sure at this point. I would try some of the other methods and software outlined above.



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    Thanks for your interest, PlanB,


    I've had help before from turingtest but I omitted to say that absolutely everything on my iPod is from my own CD collection, so there was nothing there from the iTunes shop I could recover. I'm working my way through the list that tt provided of software but so far no joy.

    It's beginning to look more and more as if my iPod is at fault as - in addition to the loss of sound - now it shows that a tune is playing but the marker that shows playing progress through the track isn't moving (doesn't even appear at all). Not that I could hear it anyway. I rather think I have what your hear described as 'a lemon' or a 'Friday afternoon job' - or it's equivalent in China. 


    Appreciate your help.



    Incidentally when the iPod is mended or replaced I will post the fact. I am posting today for help in creating backup from an iPod on to a computer.


    PS. Are you really on Easter Island?