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I'm more familiar with older Mac os versions, i.e. Snow Leopard on down, which brings me to my question.


I am planning on doing work on several Macs next weekend that are all running 10.7.  To be safe I am planning on initially creating a disk image of the user folder from each computer, which will allow me to restore all or selected components thereof from a read only container placed onto an external Mac formatted hard drive.


The concern I have about that is I believe that the Library folder has an invisible bit set on it, or some other type of os feature that renders the Library folder invisible to a human.  I am aware of the option key method of revealing the folder while in the Finder, however I am not certain of what to expect after it's contained within a .dmg, or even drag copied to another volume for that matter .


I am comfortable with the command line and know my way around Macs well enough to digest some mildly heavy weight solutions, if indeed this is even going to be an issue.  I just want to make sure I can access the Library folder and it's contents from an external drive once I am in the hot seat.


Any suggestions and a bit of education will be welcome and much appreciated.


Thank you all very kindly,



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    Open the folder above it, choose Go to Folder from the Finder's Go menu, and provide Library as the path.



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    Wouldn't that be more like:  /Volumes/mounted.dmg/Users/username/Library   ?

    That said, if that works it sounds simple enough.

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    It can be either; starting the path with something other than a / or ~ tells the Finder to use the location of the frontmost window as the start of the path. / represents the top level of the computer's filesystem, while ~ points to the home folder.



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    Ah, gotcha.  Thanks a lot Niel.

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    Tim --


    Did you notice how many helpfull points Niel has been awarded by posters of questions here?

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    Hi ~Bee,

    I was wondering what the 72k number on Niel's post was, but I'm guessing that would be it.  Very cool Niel.  Congratulations!


    I have been involved with Macs since my first one, a Mac IIcx.  A few years after I became the senior Mac support specialist for our corporation.  For 17 years I worked that position for a nation wide newspaper enterprise.  I used tools such as JAMF Casper, and wrote many shell maintenance scripts such as binding Macs to our AD domain, and pushing out software via a script that leveraged scp and an IP address list to hit Macs within our wan from California to Rhode Island.  I became an ACMT and loved every minute of the Mac support I did.  Frequently hearing the Win PC techs say, "wow, I wish we could do what you do but on our PCs".  How cool when Apple adopted UNIX!


    So you must wonder why I should ask such a fundamental question as the one above?  Ha, I became a manager!  Hence, I sacrificed my brain as well as my soul, lol.


    Steve and the Woz gave me so much to help make my life wonderful, I can never be thankful enough.  In the beginning I would lay in bed thinking of solutions to things I was working on, hop out of bed at three in the morning to jump on my Mac and discover I had realized the solution to the problem in a dream!  I was totally hooked.


    Mac folks are a true family and I am proud to be among them.  I am now a director of operations for an IT outsourcing company and get my email from a Mac Pro with four 24" displays.  Something about prying it from my cold dead hands.  :-)


    May both of you and everyone who happens to read this have a great Christmas and a jolly fast new year to come.




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    Wonderful post, Tim!

    How fortunate we all are to have you among us!



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    Thank you ~Bee.  That's very kind of you to say that.  Have a great weekend!