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We have another iPhone 4 in the house and it reconnects to the wifi just fine.  The kindle, the laptop, the Xbox all reconnect fine.  However, for some reason, my iPhone 4S makes me type in the wifi password multiple times a day.   It will connect and works fine while connected.   However, if I let it go to sleep, when I unlock the screen my wifi is "not connected".   I have to deselect the router and retype the password.   If something is using wifi like I heart radio or pandora or an update is downloading, it won't switch off the wifi, but in any other circumstance if the screen locks up and goes to sleep, when I unlock it I will need to reselect my network and retype the password.  I have been dealing with this for months and have googled several times for a solution with no success.  I'm pretty sure that when I was first setting up the wifi, I changed some setting on either the phone or the

router, but of course I can't figure out what I might have done.  Please help!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1