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My Numbers is weird, slow and almost impossible to get used to. That's why I now

I still use Appleworks Spreadsheets on my Powermac for doing daily accounting updates, and

only then import a copy to Numbers for keeping copies on my MacBookAir.


I created a template in Numbers, open it for every import, then copy the content of the import

to the template.  The template is named Copy 0.


To do that I will import say "12Dec01", then need to open "Copy 0" and duplicate it (so I will not lose this template) then rename the duplicate to "12Dec01".  I

then open the imported "12Dec01" and copy its content, then paste it into the renamed duplicate, then "lock" that document.


I now want to save it, but Numbers will not let me save an open document that has been locked.!!!


Why lock it if a locked document cannot be saved?  Besides this issue of locking, I now have 4 open documents on the desktop:  The import, Copy 0, the Duplicate of it, and the Renamed copy of it.


You know what? In Appleworks you would only have 1 document open which you "save as" with what ever name (in whatever condition of progress you want to save it), wherever to.


Accidentally, I found I can save a locked document but only after doing all these extra steps:  In order to lock the document it has to be closed and saved unlocked  to a folder first, then opened up again, and only then it can be locked!  


This process reminds me of the old DOS systems, which questiioned everything you wanted to do with "do you really want to do that?"


I wonder whether my Numbers is damaged, or whether it has a good reason to be that way?


Or maybe I missed some instructions?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Wayne Contello Level 6 Level 6 (13,615 points)

    0) what version of Numbers do you have?


    1) If you are locking the document in the Finder then that makes the document read only-- meaning that the finder prevents you being able to write to the document.  Are you locking the document in the Finder?


    Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 8.49.50 AM.png


    If so DO NOT check the "Locked" check box on documents you want to modify.


    If you want to make a document in Numbers that is a starting point prepare a document, then use the menu item "File > Save As Template" to store the document in a special place as a starting point.:


    Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 8.54.48 AM.png


    Post back if you need additional help.


    Best regards,


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    Thanks Wayne, for your effort trying to help.


    I am not locking Number documents in the Finder. 

    I am aware of the possibilty of User Templates, and have set up several.


    A User template is just one page, and I have to modify it before I can copy

    the daily 4 pages of new info into a User User Template. 


    So to save time, I use a Numbers document, that has already 4 pages,

    is all set up and configured to match Cells, Column and Row headers, Fonts

    and their size, etc., etc., except all data are deleted.


    Now I can just use one Copy and Paste command

    to transfer all data from an imported 4 page spread sheet to the "Copy 0"

    (duplicated and renamed) empty Numbers document.


    I click on the documents name in the menu bar, to open "Lock/Unlock".


    I am sorry that my original posts contain some misleading info pertaining to

    my computer(s) and their software.  Unfortunately everytime I try to

    "Edit" this info it becomes more garbled, since the web application that is supposed to

    implement my changes is obviously broken.


    Here is what my info should contain:



    My Computers & OS: PowerMac with OS 10.4.11 and MacBook Air with OS 10.8.2


    My Numbers: 2.2

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    Jeff Shenk Level 4 Level 4 (2,115 points)

    A user template can be four pages (or four hundred). Just save your four page document as a template.

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    Thanks Jeff, I was not aware that a template could be multi-page.  (All the existing templates were 1 page)

    But it worked, saving me some steps.  When I was finished I renamed the document, and locked it.


    Then tried to save it but  could not because it was locked.  I closed it, went to my Spread Sheet Folder ,

    to find it, it was not there.  The Finder could not find it either.


    So I start over again.


    I opened up Numbers and it showed my personal Numbers template folder, it contained both my new 

    original 4 page template and the vanished saved document!


    I tried to delete the template containing these document data and could not - I had to go to the Library/Application Support/Numbers to physically remove it from this folder. Then I started over again.  I Finally found out how to make it work: I can now "save as", and then lock, and it will go to place where I want it to be saved and locked.


    The secret is: Click on the document title in the menu bar, and it opens up  "Save as...", which works the same as in OS 10.4.11, and you can pick the place you want for saving.  Once done that, you can then lock the document in the same pull down menu, and then close it.


    I also found later that I can delete a template from its folder, by letting Numbers open the templates,

    clicking on the one I want to remove, then go to the "Numbers Menu/File/Move to...", select "Desktop"

    and from there the selected template can then be thrown into the Trash from there.


    It appears now that the real fault of the Numbers software is that the "Save as" command is not available in the "Edit" or "File" pull-down menus, but hidden behind the title of the document.