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I have a new computer and am trying to connect my ipod shuffle.  I want to take the library on the ipod and download it onto the new computer. How do I do this?



iPod shuffle, Windows 7
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    Hi! Your answer is here on page 27:


    Transferring Files Between Computers

    When you enable disk use on iPod shuffle, you can transfer files from one computer to

    another. iPod shuffle is formatted as a FAT-32 volume, which is supported by both Macs

    and PCs. This allows you to use iPod shuffle to transfer files between computers with

    different operating systems.

    To transfer files between computers:

    1- After enabling disk use on iPod shuffle, connect it to the computer you want to get the

    files from.

    Important: If iPod shuffle is set to sync automatically, when you connect iPod shuffle to

    a different computer or user account, a message asks if you want to erase iPod shuffle

    and sync with the new iTunes library. Click Cancel if you don’t want to erase what’s on

    iPod shuffle.

    2- Using the computer’s file system (the Finder on a Mac, Windows Explorer on a PC), drag

    the files to your iPod shuffle.

    3- Disconnect iPod shuffle, and then connect it to the other computer.

    Again, click Cancel if you don’t want to erase what’s on iPod shuffle.

    4- Drag the files from iPod shuffle to a location on the other computer.