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Basically,  I am soon going to be purchasing the new Mac Mini 2012 2.6 i7, and as I am eligible for student discount it means that the apple ssd that can be supplied as an extra is slightly cheaper, but £50 dearer than the Samsung 830 256GB SSD as which I am running on a 2009 MBP core 2 duo.  This also means I can purchase apple care fairly cheap.  So my dillema is do I pay more for the apple ssd for piece of mind, or do I stick to the Samsung 830 (at £149) or even the 840 Pro (at £199), which obviously means opening the MM up and replacing the existing drive.


Many thanks!

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    Watch this third-party SSD drive installation into a 2011 Mac Mini. If it makes you feel uneasy about doing this yourself, and re-installing Mountain Lion, then your question has been answered. Pay extra for the Apple SSD and Apple Care to have peace of mind and instant productivity from your unboxing.


    If you feel comfortable with the process in the above video, then get the Apple Care, and go with a new 256GB Samsung 830, or comparably priced third-party SSD as a do-it-yourself installation project. You will need the preceding drive kit for its tools critical for the installation success. Also, you will need to re-install OS X from Apple's Servers via a boot into network Recovery mode (option+command+r) back onto the new SSD. This would depend heavily on Apple making available the custom hardware version of OS 10.8.2 that the 2012 mini has installed, on their servers.


    I suggest the Samsung 830 because you are familiar with it, and the 840 Pro is really intended for large file I/O in server applications. The 840 Pro does not provide a cost justifiable, incremental performance improvement over the 830, and the 840 Pro has had some reliability issues as a new drive.

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    Thanks for the informative link.  I must admit It looks a big job but with the right tools it looks attainable.  I take it if I order the MM 2012 as bog standard apart from the slightly over clocked processor, along with apple care, if something does go wrong with it, I take it I'll have to put the MM back to how it was shipped, as in put the standard 1TB 5400rpm back in and take the secondry one out?


    Also, does anybody know the read and right speeds of the Apple 256GB SSD?



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    I have asked the question about the link/negotiated speeds and gotten no answers. I installed a 240GB Mercury Elite 6G and it links/negs at 6/6G and the 1TB 5400 links/negs at 6/3G. Once a SSD is added to the original drive the Internet Recovery Disk Utility  will create a "Logical Drive"(Fusion Drive) and it appears to work properly. The teardown/rebuild was time consuming as the connectors are so tiny (at least for my big hands). Have plenty of space and light, a place for the screws (some seperators are nice), a magnifying glass was helpful, forceps or strong tweezers too. Be careful, it's all very delicate and small, placement is critical for the connections to make properly. Don't skip steps and be patient.

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    Apple Care terms are pretty strict about deviating from the shipped Apple product specifications. Memory replacement is the exception. My interpretation is that the original hard drive would need to be replaced before any Apple Care warranty claim. The prospect of another mini tear-down is not a cheerful thought.