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I seem to have lost system support for camera raw files for the original Canon 1ds (what you might call the markI). There's been two recent raw support updates, and I'm not sure if it occured with the first for those two updates or with update to Mountain Lion itself (which I recently clean-installed). I noticed it after the first raw support update (Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.01) but it could have happend with Mountain Lion install and I just didn't notice. In any case, I definitely don't have support for the camera raw files, finder shows only the generic TIFF icon thumnail (the raw files from the markI 1ds were of the extension .TIF, before canon moved on to .cr2 format..). Preview and Aperture can preview the file but without any custom white balance or other info stored with the raw file from camera.


Anybody else experience this or know fix?




For anyone wanting and willing to test on their machine, I'll post a link to a test raw file.... hmm, apparently this support forum does not allow for the linclusion of a link to an image file, but I'll see if it allows for a link to a zipped folder with image inside... I suppose I wouldn't download a .zip file myself but for anyone braver than I:







Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    That latest raw update also shows supported devices. The EOS-1Ds is still shown as supported by Mountain Lion in the knowledge base article that accompanies it. Bump!


    I wonder if using Disk Utility and verify/fix permissions may restore your RAW capability.


    Don't have Aperture or Lightroom.


    I installed the recent raw updates into 10.8.2. The DB5W2360.TIF file has a generic Preview icon. Graphic Converter 8.3.1 opens .cr2 files, and it opened this TIF file nicely as well. GC is willing to modify white balance with a condition that it cannot be done in place, and must be exported to a different format.


    Not much help, I know.

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    appreciate the reply VikingOSX, if i understand correctly, you downloaded the test raw file, and Finder is not able to display a proper thumbnail of the image on your machine as well. bummer!


    p.s., repairing permissions does not seem to affect the issue

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    Take a look at Darktable. Non-destructive raw, 32b/channel open source alternative to Lightroom. Has OS X port available, though principal development platform is Linux. The 1Ds is supported on Linux, and possibly on OS X too. Do not believe this cares about Apple raw support, as it is likely BYOB, BYOdriver.


    This may have possibilities for your raw file support on your 1Ds.


    Also, take note that connecting a camera to OS X apparently launches a PTPCamera process that blocks Darktable. They offer either killing this process, then running Darktable, or provide a link to an automated solution.