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OK - I had an issue with Microsoft Office that forced me to call them for help. During the call, the tech had me download their LogMeIn helper app so that he could remotely admin my computer. Once we were done, I dragged the LogMeIn app to the trash and secure-emptied. I used Spotlight to find anything that contained the "logmein" string and found nothing. Yet every time I restart my MBA the applet launches. How can I get rid of this?


I used Activity Monitor to inspect the element, and the first line under Open Files and Ports is


/private/var/tmp/LogMeIn Rescue - 2EB9/Support-LogMeInRescue.app


Is this where I need to go to dig this out? How do I access /private???


Please help!

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 120GB
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    Had the same problem. Open a Finder window and click "Go" from the menu bar, then "Go to folder" and type "/private/var/tmp" in the box. Should be able to delete the logmein folders from there.

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    Here's the easiest way.  Reinstall Logmein.  Open it, click on Logmein and then About Logmein.  There is an Uninstall button there.  Click it and it's uninstalled.  Then go to Spotlight and search "Logmein" and remove any Logmein file (Such as Logmein Safari Plugin).  Restart Mac and you're done.

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    Hello my Mac friends----I also had this SAME scam happen to me.  I violated my own basic rules of using my computer-----NEVER let anyone take over my computer remotely.  Anyway,  after MUCH discussion with various people I also found this solution:


    While in Finder:  Hit Control-F,


    After you hit Control-F you will be in a "deeper" version of spotlight. In the upper left hand corner of the box are two drop down buttons.  You will want to select "System Files" in the first button and "ARE included" in the second button.


    Then, in the upper search box for this window type in "logmein" and/or "logmeinrescue.


    There you will see ALL files that contain this nightmare of a program.  You can now move all of them to the trash.


    Delete the trash-----SECURELY is best.  Then, thank your lucky stars you found this out.


    I was so angry with myself for violating my own rule.  And, it was also concerning a Microsoft product as well.


    For 25+ years I've used NOTHING but Macs.  The only product from Microsoft has been Word.  But with this new Office 365 Premium, I have more exposure to them.  I hope nothing else makes this worse.


    Best to ALL of you here in our community.  I hope this answer also helps someone.



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    When I go to Finder and hit Control-F, I do not get this deeper version of spotlight.  Nothing happens.

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    Thank you. After much searching, I found this to be the correct response for how to remove logmein rescue from Mac OSX 10.7.5. As you correctly point out, LogMeIn files are hidden from the normal spotlight search. Therefore you do need to set system files as searchable using the advanced search options you describe for Finder before spotlight will reveal them for deletion.

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    Thank you. I feel the same way. And this was a great help for me.

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    I decided to get rid of LogMeIn after they decided to charge for it.  I used it rarely, when I was away from my MBPro and needed to get someting from my iPad.

    This seems to have worked perfectly.  No more logmein processes.  Thanks!