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After recently upgrading to Mountain Lion I am seeing the following issues, can anyone please help?


1) The main user account is fine, but one of the other user accounts has lost all applications, this is not a biggie, but this account is an admin account and when logged in the system preferences window cannot be located, even when using spotlight.


2) How do I associate the same user account with an iCloud account?  Upon initial login the user selected to skip this step, but there doesn't seem to now be a way of associating the account with an iCloud account.


3) The main user account sees all applications and the system preferences window fine.  When in the users and groups window, the secondary account mentioned above is displayed as admin, but cannot be selected or actioned upon.


If anyone can help with the above please do, thanks.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Have you tried deleting the second user account and then setting it up again?


    On the two computers we have, neither user has any applications in the user account. They are all located in the Applications folder on Mountain Lion.

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    The main user account is fine, but one of the other user accounts has lost all applications...


    Can you open the Applications folder when logged in as the affected user? For example, press the key combination shift-command-A in the Finder. If it does open, can you launch applications by double-clicking?

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    Topher Kessler Level 6 Level 6 (9,340 points)

    This issue may be a corruption in the accounts database that associated accounts with groups that provide proper access permissions to system resources (including applications and settings). Therefore, one option is to try removing the account and recreate it so the system has a new entry for it with fresh group associations.


    In doing this you can keep all the data and settings for the account so they are re-used when you recreate it. To do this, go to the "Users & Groups" system preferences, authenticate, and then select the account and click the minus button. When prompted for what to do with the account's files, select the second option to not change it and keep the home folder as-is within the Users folder.


    When the account is removed, click the plus button to recreate it and if you use the same short username as the home folder then you will be prompted to use the existing home folder for the new account. Do this and see if the recreated account now has proper access to system resources.