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I cannot use an Intrepid CS ValueCAN3 with a USB2 interface on a Macbook Pro 2012, which has a USB3 interface.


I am running Windows 7 Pro, Service Pack 1, under BootCamp 4.0

I keep my Window 7 Pro updated with Windows Update.

I called Intrepid CS, and they said there are issues with USB3 and support is needed by some computers that have USB3 interfaces.


The ValueCAN3 is an automotive diagostic tool, that interfaces to Windows computers via USB2.0.

More info at:



The ValueCAN3 uses a FTDI serial-to-USB chip to handle communication.

FTDI chips make it easy to add a USB interface to a device.

More info at:



Other devices, such as USB 2.0 flash drives, work fine.


Are other having problems with USB 2.0 devices on a MacBook Pro 2012?

Is anyone using a device that uses the FTDI chips?

Anyone have ideas to try?


I want to use this Macbook Pro for both Mac OSX and Windows.

I tell people I wanted a high-end Windows Laptop, so I bought a Macbook Pro to run Windows on it.


I have also call Apple for support, but they claim that this is not their problem to solve.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Windows 7 Pro x64 service Pack 1
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    I was told that the Intrepid tools (ValueCAN3 and Intrepid neoVI Fire) that use a FDTI USB to serial interface, would work on Windows 8 on the Macbook. I wanted to avoid Windows 8. I broke down and installed Windows 8 Pro on the Macbook, installing over Windows 7. The two devices now work - but the trackpad does not work. I saw a reccomendation to install trackpad++, along with PPA (Power Plan Assistant), it does not work for my macbook pro 2012.


    When will Apple support Windows 8? (an answer that will not be answered here)

    The problem is basically Windows 7 does not support USB3, so I installed Windows 8 which does support USB3.

    Now with Windows 8 Pro installed, the trackpad does not work.

    I also cannot run the Windows Experience Index.


    Status Summary:

    I can use the USB3 ports under Windows 8 pro.

    Intrepid USB2 based interfaces work now.

    Trackpad does not work under Windows 8 Pro on the macbook pro (2012) using Bootcamp 4.0.

    And Yes, I hate Windows 8 Pro. Windows 7 works, Windows 8 - I just don't get it.

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    Windows 7 does support USB 3 with proper drivers.


    Also, it took Apple 3 months to release Windows 7 compatible drivers. Don't be surprised if it takes at least that long for Windows 8.

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    had win7 running on my imac used the windows drivers created by bootcamp on the osx bootcamp menu

    everything worked

    updated to windows8 and the trackpad still works fine using the win7 driver from the created win driver disc from bootcamp in osx