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I have a DVD made by iDVD which has four slideshows where each slide has a caption. I want to make these play continously in a standalone display. At present someone has to select the next slideshow when the menu comes up. I either want to play each slideshow automatically inorder. Or, I want to  extract the slideshows with the captions nad make them into movies which could then be made into a continuous presentation. Or I want to take the three slideshows into the first so that it plays continuously. There would be a huge amount of work involved in starting from scratch! Anyone got any ideas?


Many thanks

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    Have no Easy fix - as (as I get it) there are no easy way.


    Play all resp one chapter at a time
    Play All Button


    1. There are NO - Play All - button in any version of iDVD


    2. It can be faked in several ways

    • Easiest and most fault proof way is to make a doublet movie containing All and with

    Chapters set to match. It will take up x2 space but is easy to understand and produce.


    Cons: Tried this in iMovie’11 by Exporting out each part as a full Quality QT.mov then Importing back into new events and putting these into a new project (Play All project). Resulting DVD had Audio that was OK (as parts) - BUT the picture was very bad and standing photo were cut of in hight. So the Play All movie has to be created from same material and exactly in the same way as the individual parts + then Chapters has to be set to match.


    • It's said that one can put all movies into a Photo/SlideShow and this will also

    give the function of a Play All button - Tested - and ONE HAS TO un-cheque - Scale pictures to TV-Safe area else it will be a black frame all around and a small picture !


    Mike Evangelist1

    You might be able to get close to what you want by using a slideshow in iDVD. (It's not widely known, but you can put videos in a slideshow.) If you set the slide duration to manual, playback will pause after each movie/slide, and you can continue with the 'next' button.


    3. Using another program to do this e.g.. Roxio Toast™ where there is a Play All button option.



    a. Making a Play All movie with same care as the individual Part movies - gives a very Good Result

    b. Using Roxio Toast™ - also an usable way to go


    Yours Bengt W

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    Many thanks for responding so quickly. My problem is that the slideshows in iDVD are not movies- they're separate slides/photos. I did them like this so that I could add a substantial 'comment' so that the display is free-standing - each comment describes the photo. To write all these comments in iMovie or Photomagico would take ages.


    Reading another suggestion while I waited it seems the answer may be to cut and paste all the photos into a new slideshow and then laboriously cut and paste each accompanying caption. This will take ages but I'd end up with one long slideshow which could then be looped. If I then deleted the individual slideshows I could set it in motion and leave the audience to watch and read.


    I just hoped there might be a shorted solution. It seems a laborious way of making an independent display!

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    I would


    Put DVD in my Mac and back-engineer the SlideShows to movies by using Roxio Toast™ (there are no free solution to this - but cheaper may be)


    Then I think I get them into individual movies and then I would either combine them into a major one or try the SlideShow method (never really liked that one).


    Yours Bengt W

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    Bengt - this is really good of you - I've seen a lot of your helpful replies in the discussions.


    I have Roxio Toast and I understand the second part of your reply. Once I have them as movies I can join them together in iMovie to make a long movie.


    However, I don't follow the first part. I have both the disk with the four movies and the .dvdproject. How do I get each slideshow into Toast - what you call 'back-engineering'?


    Will thye captions come with the slides? Otherwise I'm no better off?


    Thanks, again, for all your help.

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    Start Toast™


    Select Convert


    Skärmavbild 2012-12-03 kl. 09.14.48.png

    Insert DVD and select needed material

    then click on the Big Red button

    Skärmavbild 2012-12-03 kl. 09.15.08.png

    then select a good Video-Codec - I use .dv

    Skärmavbild 2012-12-03 kl. 09.16.43.png


    Yours Bengt W

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    Sorry - I had to go to bed!! I'm in a different time-zone.


    My Toast 8 looks different from yours but having read your excellent help I could see what you were getting at. The instructions for converting are given on pps 115 and 116 of the Toast 8 instructions. I had to go to Video-DVD-Video, select the files and then click export.


    The problem lies in the selection of the files! The first attempt just copied the disk. The next attempt didn't recognise the video TS files and just copied blanks.  I eventually found something Toast could could read but it was just the individual photos with the titles - not the comments!


    I think I've given up! There's no problem copying all the photos in the right order either into Fotomagico or imovie. I'll just have to grit my teeth and either re-type the comments or cut 'n paste them.


    Very many thanks for helping. I've tried to add to your points tally wherever I can!



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    There is always another way, come to DVDs.


    Play DVD on DVD-Player - go via Analog out to an A/D-box (e.g. Canopus ADVC-300) then via FireWire into iMovie or FinalCut.


    This will work to 100% - BUT QUALITY will Suffer


    That's the last straw as I see it. Still a possibly way.


    Yours Bengt W