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I'm using a MacPro OSX 10.4.8  266ghz  5 gbs. (RAM).   Concerning my FCP X project.  it consists of two video tracks, (one behind) both have sound....

and some still pics as a background (which I fade, rotate and re-size) into the main video... but it always crashes.   The video is only one minute long.   What could I be doing wrong?   Is there something I'm missing?    Am I loading other events (accidently)?  Or do I need more than 5 Gbs of ram?  thanks

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 266ghz 5 Gbz RAM, HD's 2~4 500Gb
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    Are your projects/events on a SEPERATE drive than the HD with FCPX software? FCPX prefers the media to be on a seperate drive with high-speed throughput. (Firewire 800 or Thunderbolt.) If you have more than one HD in your Pro, you should keep media on one and the app on the other. (Preferably, your media should be on a SATA drive.)


    But, a minute's-long video shouldn't bind up that much. Now... Assuming RAM is, indeed, the solution...


    The answer is--almost always-- buy as much RAM as you can afford!


    Admittedly, FCPX is a RAM hog. And, a 266G with 5G's of RAM you're right on the threshold. (IMO, others may chime in on this.)


    RAM is cheap. (Thru a third party, not Apple.) I'd buy a pair of sticks and bump up to 16G. I'm pretty sure your project will fly. (Assuming, again, RAM is the issue here.)

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    Is your OS t 10.4 or 10.6?. http://www.apple.com/finalcutpro/specs.


    Still images are really tough on video NLEs – particularly with moves. Don't use images that are unnecessarily large – between 1 and 1.5 X your project resolution would be about right.


    I have used FCPX on a 4 GB RAM laptop and it works pretty well for short projects; but eventually it starts to drag. So yes, it would be best to increase it.


    Good luck.



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    Well you must be using 10.6.8. FCPX won't work with anything older than that.


    It could be the video card, what is your video card? 5GB of RAM should do, but apple hasn't been honest as I see 16GB ram as the golden amount needed for smooth operation on large projects.

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    Jakob Peterhänsel Level 3 Level 3 (655 points)

    You should not be crashing due to the amount of RAM!

    Sound like you have some bad media files.. try to clear the Render files for the project/event.


    But as always, RAM = as much as you can afford!

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    To everyone below who replied.  I just put in 4 Gbs more RAM to make it 8 ram.  the two 512mbs...were moved and don't show up in my specs.  Anyway, FCPX still crashed.  I think perhaps it's the gfx board.  the pics are 12 mb size.  And I do lots of rotating, re-sizing and opacity settings.   The requester comes up when starting saying:

    pic enclosed.  Yes, App is on HD1  Folders are on HD2....


    Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 11.18.08 PM.png

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    Oops! sorry using OSX 10.6.8

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    Yes,  OSX 10.6.8 my mistake

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    My guess is that even after upgrading your graphics card, you'll find FCP struggling with any project that includes very many 12 MB still images. Downsizing those stills will make your editing life a lot more pleasant.


    Good luck.



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    Tom Wolsky Level 10 Level 10 (106,220 points)

    Normally the App Store won't let you download the application if the graphics card is not supported. Did that not happen for you?