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Hey everyone, i'm new here. So, i want to know the next. Today i was about to charge my iPhone, and when i plugged in my apple charger into the electric current, and it made a short circuit! it lighten from inside and started to smell like burned wires and won't work, the phone was not connected (phew) and then i unplugged it and left if rest for a couple minutes and tried again, nothing happened and it wasn't charging at all.So i wanted to know if i take my charger to apple  will they give me a new one for free? or will i have to pay? i'm from mexico so i want to know if i have to go to an apple store or take it to the carrier where i bought the phone?


Known issues:


was the charger working before? Yes, my mom charged her iphone 3G with it

was the electric current suffering any electric discharges? no, it was working fine, i always plug my charger in that spot

is the usb cable working after the discharge? yes, i tried with a generic usb power adapter and works fine, plugged into y computer and works fine too

i bought the phone on october 13th, does the warranty cover the adapter?



thank you very much!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1, No Jailbrake.