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Trying to order a book in Aperture and keep getting "try again later."

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    There maybe several reasons for this message:


    • Too much traffic at the App Store, really try again later.
    • You may have used an image that cannot be printed - a corrupted or incompatible image file: to check for this, try to print your book to a pdf file. If this also does not succeed, try to find this corrupted image and use a different version.
    • Your address information may be inconsistent with Apple's rules: check carefully your zip code, and check the "Language & Text" System Preferences pane: The region in the "Region" tab must be set to the country you are in, and the country must be the country used with your AppleID.
    • Your credit card information must be correct and the credit card still valid.
    • Check your security settings at My AppleID appleid.apple.com
      • The password needs to be acceptable, at least six characters and a number and an UpperCase letter.
      • The answers to all your security questions need to be at least six characters long.
    • Change the security settings at My AppleID, if they are not correct, see Kappy's post here: Re: I forgot my resuce email and my answers for the security questions. I need help please!!

    And your book must not have more than 100 pages.