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Ok, so I am immensely frustrated with Apple and their iwork/icloud promises.  As the "geniuses" have proved WAY less than their title suggests I am turning to this forum.  I'll try to be succint but complete:


Devices: iphone 4 (ios 5.1.1) and ipad 3 (ios 5.1.1)

Apps: iwork suite (current)

icloud account:  using apple id xxxx@yahoo.com (the primary and only actually used ID.  However, when signed in to icloud.com using this xxxx@yahoo ID the "account" info from clicking my name in the upper right reveals "apple ID: xxxx@me.com")


Primary Question: 

How the heck do I get my ipad3/iphone 4 (w/ ios 5.1.1), icloud, and iwork suite to play nicely and function (ie sync) as promised???????


So in August 2012 I purchased an Ipad 3 and the full iwork suite with the intent of seamlessly integrating my workflow across devices using icloud (AS PROMISED).  I setup icloud using my primary (and really only one ever used) apple id (xxxxx@yahoo.com) and installed iwork on my ipad 3 and my iphone 4 (both using ios 5.1.1).  At first icloud performed as promised and I began migrating my docs to the cloud for mobile use in the field.  Then Apple released ios 6 and suddenly their work suite no longer syncs in icloud.  Basically my entire reason for purchasing ipad and the work suite ceased to function. 


Iwork documents created on mobile devices do not sync to icloud and are not appearing on the other device.  Documents uploaded manually to icloud (from a non-mobile device) are not appearing on either the ipad or iphone.  The "geniuses" (don't get me started) proceeded to tell me that iwork was actually a beta in ios 5 and that with the upgrade to ios 6 and to iwork, full functioning REQUIRED a total upgrade to ios 6 with both devices.  This DESPITE iwork claiming compatibility with both devices and with ios 5.1.1 in the app store.


My problem with this "solution" is that every time I upgrade (any apple device or app) it almost always welcomes a host of VERY time consuming problems.  In the case of ios6 and iphone 4 I have also seen MANY friends (and online customers) experience a myriad of problems that severely limit their phone functionality.  Quite a few of these are problems that no genius has been able to fix or revert.  In addition I've seen many cases where even with the ios6 upgrade iphone 4/ipad3 users STILL cannot get docs syncing in icloud.  So much for "upgrading" to newer and "better." 


So now I'm understandably loathed to upgrade not one but two functioning apple devices (and welcome the KNOWN and in some cases irreparable problems associated with said updates) simply to POTENTIALLY get iwork and the icloud properly syncing again.  Basically Apple took a fine functioning work suite with syncing and "updated" it to a non-functioning version that seemingly FORCES USERS TO UPDATE THEIR IOS TO A CLEARLY FAULTY VERSION FOR OLDER DEVICES!!!


Simply put:  How the heck do I get my ipad3/iphone 4 (w/ ios 5.1.1), icloud, and iwork suite to play nicely and function (ie sync) as promised???????


This whole experience has been a tremendous disappointment and waste of my time.  I WAS planning on a holiday purchase of an Apple laptop to complete my integration/migration to Apple products but not anymore.  I was under the impression Apple was the goto because their products "simply work" and that using Apple's entire line ensured quality integration w/o headaches.  This appears to be FAR from reality and I am sorely dissappointed.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 5.1.1