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I have a 2011 Mac Mini server (2.0GHz i7, Intel HD 3000 graphics, Lion 10.7 server) and I'm tring to connect a WQHD monitor (2560x1440 Viewsonic VP2770-LED) using a mini-displayport/displayport adapter cable, but the Mac just crashes and goes into continuous reboot cycle.  I'm hoping someone will have some better insight into troubleshooting this. 


If I connect only this one monitor while the computer is off and then turn it on, the Mac startup screen comes up on the monitor for a minute but then the computer reboots before you get the login screen, over and over. 


If I try to hot-plug the WQHD monitor while the computer is already running with an HDMI monitor, then a message comes up on the HDMI monitor that says the computer must restart now and it goes into the reboot loop again. 


Am I reading the specs right?  I think this model Mac should be able to handle this display. 


I can use the same adapter/cable to connect the 2011 Mac to a lower resolution 1920x1200 displayport display, so I think the cable/adapter and the port are okay. 


We tried connecting a 2012 Mac Mini (2.3GHz i7, Intel HD 4000 graphics, Mountain Lion 10.8) to the same WQHD monitor and it worked fine. 


Do you think upgrading the 2011 to Mountain Lion might help? 

Or is this just a hardware limitation for the 2011?


Any other ideas are appreciated. 

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.5)