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Hi all, this is sily, i have done this before i know i have, i cannot do it now !


I have a Folder named VIDEO_TS on my hard drive, it contains the contents of a video that i want to burn onto a DVD DL disc


So far today i have wasted 4 disc's trying 4 different programs, including Burn and Terminal, but nothing works.


the video plays fine on my Lap Top.


I just dont understand why i am struggling. i have even tried a Windows program "imgburn" but still no good


i dont mind buying an App for the job, but which one. I do not want to waste any more disc's, they aint cheap !.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), iPad 2, iPhone 4S
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    I also have this question aswell.

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    Kurt Lang Level 7 Level 7 (31,990 points)

    Roxio's Toast Titanium is excellent. I've used it through many versions for at least 15 years. The Pro version can be worth the extra money if you like the idea of getting a full version copy of Photoshop Elements (even though it's version 9, now two versions old). They're also currently offering the Blu-ray video plugin with it for no extra cost, normally an extra $20. Without it, you can burn Blu-ray data disks, but not video.

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    You need video authoring burn software; I use either Roxio Toast or iDVD:


    It is no longer included with the OS, but you can buy a retail version of iLife 11 (or 09 for that matter) from online retailers; it contains iDVD - in my humble opinion, the very best burn software because of its' customizable menus and themes. You can make your masterpiece. I don't know how it would work since you already have a Video_TS folder (which is what you can create with iDVD), so you can't go backwards. In this case, Roxio Toast is the best idea (but no customizable or snazzy menus). I do not have the Pro version - I tried the blu-ray plugin and tested it; could not see a difference on my HDTV, so I decided to burn as close to HD as I could (camera shoots video in 1920X1080p) and forego the expensive blu-ray disks.


    For future use, I'd recommend looking into iDVD as well:




    (you can find it on ebay as well)

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    Roxio Popcorn will burn a DVD from Video-TS files and many other video files, including image files (eg .ISO). The attractions to me of Popcorn rather than other Roxio apps were that it was much cheaper and has a "fit to disc" option allowing very large files to be compressed to fit on a regular single layer DVD. Popcorn doesn't have all the bells and whistles of more expensive apps but I have found it very capable nevertheless.

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    Yes, I've heard that; personally, I do not use the compression option - why try to achieve HiDef and then compress it? I do like Toast's capability to burn anything and to copy a DVD on the fly - I sometimes need more copies later of a movie I made (and I've already ditched all the files), so I simply use it to copy my movie from one DVD to a blank one.


    But, I still prefer iDVD because of its' customizable options - it is what can make your movie into an eye popping and interesting "masterpiece".

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    Hi all and thank you so much for helping, i happily found out i already the software i required LOL,


    I had iSkySoft DVD Copy Pro, the reason it didnt work for me yesterday, when i first posted the question, was, it needed upgrading/updating before it was compatible with Mountain Lion.


    Thanks all for helping.