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Anyone else having issues charging their iphone 5?

Iphone 5
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    I had the same problem, and I found that I had got dust in my Iphone where the cord connected.  I used a can of compressed air, and immediately the phone recognized the cord again.

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    My mom and I got the same iPhone, as you can guess the iPhone 5.  My mother's iPhone has IOS 6 while I have IOS 7.  Her phone can usually charge but mine can never get a charge.  When ever I get a new charger it will last between a week to a month and then the charger either stops working or barely works.  Our 5th charger (over all) over a period of 10 months has stopped working I am getting sick and tired of always having to buy a new charger, I fell like I am just throwing my money away.

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    I had the same issue...I licked the end of the lightening connector and yes, that worked. 

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    I had lint build-up in the charger slot from keeping the iPhone 5 in my pocket. I tried blowing but that didn't work so just used a push pin to scrape it out. After that it charged perfectly.

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    I am so furious about this control problem Apple has put on the third party charger cables.  I think it is so greedy that they are worried about a $19 cord.  I have owned Apple products for over 10 years, bought every generation iphone, ipad and 2 mac books so you can imagine the money I have spent with them and they are worried about third party chargers.  Can someone explain what is the problem and why they have shut down being able to use them?  I heard they have a lawsuit for this and I can understand why.  With the latest update, any third party charger I use just will not charge, it doesn't even give a message, it just won't work!

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    Hi all


    I have had an IPhone for about 4 years and have had my current iPhone 5 for just over a year,I never had any problems until recently. Just before Christmas I started having issues with my IPhone not charging, I bought a new charger and the problem continued so I went into the Apple store in Newcastle, they pulled some dust out of the charger port and the issue appeared to be resolved. However after Christmas it happened again, and again I went to the Apple store, they did the same thing and the phone worked fine for a month. However, this last week the problem has come back, this time when I took the phone into the store, they tried pulling dust out the port but the phone would still not charge, I was then told that as the phone is out of warranty there is nothing they can do other than charge me £209 to fix it!!


    What concerns me is that after speaking to other iPhone users and doing some online research I have discovered this is a seriously common problem. So now through no fault of my own, I am left with a phone, which doesn't work and costs me £48 a month. Another concern is that I originally took the phone to the store with this problem before my warranty ran out and was given a 'temporary fix', which made the phone last untill just after my warranty has ran out!


    I am angry and disappointed, this issue needs to be addressed as the Phones appear to be like a ticking time bomb waiting to break, and for those of you like me, who this happens to you after the warranty is up, you are elft with no solution other than to pay £209!!!!