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We bought an iPhone 5 from Verizon couple of weeks ago.  When I called Apple to get Applecare for it, Apple could not recognize its serial number !!  Now I can neither register it nor get Applecare for it.  I called Apple several times during the last 10 days but all I got was that it was a "known problem" and Apple is working on it.  Is there anyone who has the same problem?  If so, how did Apple deal with it ?


  At this point, Apple is not willing to replace the iPhone and it will not allow Verizon to return it to Apple and replace the phone.  A rep at Verizon store called Apple and spent 40 minutes on the phone giving all the details about the purchase and got nowhere.  All I could get was a Case Number!!   Has anyone a suggestion for me?   How can Apple sell a phone to Verizon with a serial number it cannot recognize ???    Does it not have the responsibility to replace it with an iPhone that the customer can register and get Applecare?

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    "When I called Apple to get Applecare for it, "

    Your iPhone has Applecare already.


    "all I got was that it was a 'known problem' and Apple is working on it"

    It seems as though you got an answer.


    "Apple is not willing to replace the iPhone"

    Why would Apple replace your iPhone?

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    I just went through the same thing. One of our users upgraded to an iPhone 5 and when trying to purchase apple care they were told that Verizon had a ton of phones with serial number issues. The tech suggested that I try to reset the phone and go through the process of registering the phone with apple. That did not help. What the rep said is that when he tried to pull up the serial number it comes up showing zero days available for apple care. He escalated the issue and I have not heard anything back,


    The day before my coworker stated that he bought his Wife and Kids each an iPhone 5. When he called to get apple care he had the same problem with all three phones. The apple rep was able to fix his issue in about an hour. I made mention of this to apple the rep I spoke of and he was unable to verify this happened. It seems as if we have another situation in which each rep is on a different page.