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I've only had the iphone for about a month (it's a 4, by the way not a 5) and this is the first time I tried plugging it into my computer to sync apps and the like. When I plugged my phone in, I got an error message that the device could not be opened because I did not have the latest version of itunes. Hmmm, but ok. Went to download it where I got an error message that I couln't get the new itunes because my computer version isn't a 10.6. Because I bought it in 2008. Because it's a 10.5. So, basically what I'm gleaning is, that because, god forbid, I can't buy a new computer every four years, I can't have the basic functionality that's supposed to be part of owning a smart phone. And I can never ever, in any way sync my phone wtih my computer. This is utterly baffling to me. Am I crazy? Better yet, am I missing something? Please help. My four year old computer doesn't warrant free support and I'm not paying 19 bucks to have this ridiculous crap confirmed.