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Does anyone else experience a delay when plugging in headphones into their Mac running Mountain Lion?


I didn't notice this before when running Lion but have noticed it after upgrading my Retina Macbook Pro.  Specifically, I'll play a song or podcast via iTunes and then plug in the headphones.  The sound continues coming through the speakers even when the headphone plug is fully seated in the jack.  Without adjusting the headphone jack, the audio does switch to the headphones but after a lag.


Again, running OS X 10.8.


Side note, I've also noticed the battery doesn't run a long as before and re-installed dropbox as other forums have suggested.  No dice.

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion
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    I've noticed that too. As well on a MBP with Retina display.

    On Lion, there was no delay.

    Hope it will be fixed soon cause it's quite annoying !

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    Ditto here!!


    I thought I was hearing things (no pun intended) when I plugged in my headphones and kept on hearing the audio come out of the laptop for a few seconds ..... then after those few seconds, the sound finally came through on the headphones.


    Yes, it is annoying.


    You'd think for a $3k laptop this machine should not have these types of problems.


    Hope the next OS update resolves this.

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    Add to that, if I leave the headphones plugged in with no sound coming out of them, I hear an occassional "pop" ... it's like when first plugging in the headphones and you hear that electrical pop when the headphone plug touches and connects to the laptop.

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    Same with me. I actually just posted a similar question, and then found yours here! I have a 13" MBP, running the version 10.8.3 (is this Mountain Lion? I'm a new Mac user so don't understand all of these crazy names for OS!) I noticed playing music that I hear it in the speakers still a few seconds after plugging in my headphones, until it finally transfers into the headphones. So strange.