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I got two iPhone 5s in the mail, both are black, and while checking them out I mixed them up. So I don't know which phone corresponds to each phone number. I haven't turned them on to activate yet because I'm worried I will set up the wrong restore info to each phone number. What should I do? Thanks!

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    The thing you can do is set up each phone as a new phone, don't restore it from a backup!

    Then after its set up, go to the settings app on your phone and tap on phone in the settings and your number should show up. Tell me if this helps if it doesn't help then plug it your iPhone USB to your computer and your number will show up on the screen. Don't restore from a backup until you know the number of the phone.

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    Do the initial set up of the iPhones as a new device. You don't need to activate service yet or restore data to do that. Then go Setteings > About and locate the serial number. Match it against the invoice sent with the iPhone and it's corisponding phone number. If the information used for the initial set up (Apple ID and such) is wrong at this point go Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content and Settings. Now you're back at square one.


    Hope that helps

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    Thank you both. Much appreciated!