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Upgraded to iTunes 11, at which time it decided it was better for me to sync my calendar/contacts "over-the-air" from iCloud (when I never had this activated before).  Now it says "your contacts are being synced with your iPhone over the air from iCloud" (which is not true...it doesn't work and changes in one place are not made in another - same goes for calendars).  Also states "Over-the-air sync settings can be changed on your iPhone" (likewise not true...I've got them deactivated in my iPhone and still doesn't work).


Not sure why Apple thought they should go ahead and change my preferences that were setup to go to iCloud, especially when it doesn't even work.  Now no contact or calendar changes I make in Outlook transfer to iPhone or vice-versa (even with a manual sync).


Anyone know what the h*ll is going on with this?  To say I'm annoyed would be an understatement.  May be time to ditch Apple and the iPhone, first no YouTube & Google Maps now they insist on not allowing me to sync the way I want.  Total BS.