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i recently upgraded my MacBook Air to Mountain Lion 10.8.2.  After the upgrade, my iCal (syncd with my iPhone and iPad via  iCloud) calendars refreshed themselves.  Now iCal cannot properly connect with iCloud and I get an error message saying 'iCal cannot connect to p02-caldav.icloud.com.  New calendar entries that I make on my iPhone/iPad or on iCloud.com appear on my iCal on my Mac but not the other way around.  My internet connection isnworking fine.   Please can someone advise me on a resolution to this problem?



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    I have the same problems plus I can no longer see calendar events in my wife's shared calendar.  Very frustrating.  See this thread.  https://discussions.apple.com/message/19929421#19929421


    Have you had any luck in fixing this?

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    No - this is still an ongoing issue and like you, I have been in protracted dialogue with senior apple support advisers based in Ireland and as yet we have not resolved the issue.  My calendars were deleted and reinstalled on all devices, and on iCloud.com.  It seems there is no issue with corrupt data.  The latest feedback is that could be an issue with the time zone servers.  I am hoping to continue the conversation with Apple Support this weekend and will keep you posted and would be grateful if you could do the same is you manage to find a solution.



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    Finally, success.  Some time today Calendar.app on my iMac started working properly again.  My wife's shared calendar events are showing up, the program no longer hangs with the error message "can't connect to P02.caldav.icloud.com...", events created on Calendar.app upload to iCloud.com and then out to my iOS devices as well.  I wish I knew what had been done by the iCloud engineers to make this work, but I'm happy that I finally have a working calendar back together.  I have just sent an email to the senior Apple tech who has been my contact through this asking him if he could provide me with any additional information on what fixed the problem, and if I learn anything more, I'll post it here.

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    I just spent a bunch of time with Apple and have solved my similar problem.  A week ago, iCal and my iPhone calendar stopped syncing.  My assortment of iCal calendars were gone from iCloud, so that was the problem (not phone to iCloud).  After much de-selecting and re-selecting, I realized that all my important calendars were @me.com type.  I tested the iCloud calendars, and they functioned perfectly.  Apple explained a simple way to migrate the @me.com calendars to iCloud:

    Create a new iCloud calendar     File > New Calendar > iCloud

    Name the calender

    Right click the old @me.com calendar and choose Export.  Desktop is a good destination.

    Drag the exported calendar from your desktop to the new iCloud calendar

    iCal should show duplicates of all events in the @me.com calendar.

    De-select the @me.com calendar.  The duplicates will disappear.

    Repeat with all the @me.com calendars and abandon this antiquated list.

    Rejoice in your shiny new list of iCloud calendars that shows up everywhere it is supposed to.


    There must be a lot of people out there who still have @me.com calendars, so I hope this info reaches them before they all spend time and money with Apple trying to sort it out.