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I need to know how random works in a smart playlist.  I was a user of Itunes DJ and loved the feature play higher rated songs more often.  Itunes 11 removed this wonderful feature.   in order to work around this i created a parent smart playlist and 5 sub-playlists.  I made one list which has only my 5 star songs, then a list with all the 4 and 5 star songs, then a list with all the 3,4,5 star songs , one with 2+ and one with all music.  I have the parent list with 200 random selections from ANY of the 5 playlists.  My question is does random first randomly select a playlist and then randomly select a song, or does random take a selection from all the songs in all the playlists.  i.e., each song only has 1 chance of being selected.  My intenetion was to have a 5 star song have 5 chances at being selected and a 1 star song having 1 chance of being selected.  To keep the list refreshing I removed any song which has been played or skiped in the last day on the parent list and each sub list. 

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    I suspect what you need to have is something like this: A folder containing 5 smart playlists


    10 x 1 star songs

    20 x 2 star songs

    30 x 3 star songs

    40 x 4 star songs

    50 x 5 star songs


    and limit to not played in the last 1 days to eject tracks once they have been played.


    Which gives 150 songs, where there is greater likelyhood of choosing a 5 star song at random.


    Use the folder as the source playlist for something like the iTunes DJ playlist I suggest here.



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    Ok I have messed around and taken samples after changing the limit of how many songs in each list.  I can select 5 on each list except for the 5 star only where i put in 80.  I still get the same results, about 2-3 5star songs out of the 100 songs in my random DJ smart playlist.  Here is how it is set up


    1star and higher (all 64,000 songs)

    2star and higher (60,000 songs)

    3star and higher (50,000 songs)

    4star and higher (7500 songs)

    5star (1400 songs)


    The Random DJ list is limited to 100 songs.


    My Random DJ list matches ANY of those playlists with no songs played in the last 1 day.


    I have tried with no limit on each of the sublists, a ratio limit (i.e. 640 1 star, 600 2star, 500 3star , 75 4 star, 15 5 star), and I have also just tried limiting like you said 10,20,30,40,50.  No matter what i put in the limit field of the sub lists my Random DJ picks about the same number/ratio of rated songs.  So It is just picking a random song from my entire list.  I guess that how random works is it first decides the pool of available songs and then random picks one.  It does not , how i hoped, pick a random playlist and then select a random song.  IS THERE ANYBODY WITH A PLAYLIST THAT DUPLICATES PLAY HIGHER RATED SONGS MORE OFTEN? 


    I really hate apple removed this feature without adding a smartlist or a tutorial on how to get the functionality back.  I USED IT EVERY DAY AND HAVE NOW SPENT HOURS AND HOURS TRYING TO DUPLICATE.

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    Well I have now put my ratio limits in place in each of the sub playlists.  If I do not limit my Random DJ list I get the desired results.  I just cant remove songs from the master list and have them refresh automatically.  I have to either play the song or skip the song once it has started to removed it from list.  For some reason when I limit the Random DJ to 100 songs, the songs in the list cant be found in any of the sub lists.  If i take the limit off I then get the entire list of all 5 sub lists in a random order.  You would think that if the sublists total songs were greater than 100 it should work with the limit.  Oh well this isnt perfect but now I am getting higher rated songs beign picked a little more often.