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I had to completely erase all data from my iPhone 4.  When syncing the first time about 800 songs out of 950 synced, then I got a "not enough memory" warning.  In Settings/General/Usage, it said I was using over 6GB of memory even though the songs and couple of apps I have only added up to 4.2 GB (with the difference being flagged as "Other" in the iTunes memory bar).


Another contributor had luck with going to /Usage, doing a side-swipe on /Usage/Music and erasing data there, so I tried that.  It seemed to work the first time, except then it only synced the 150 missing songs.  It still won't let me sync the rest of the songs, giving me the "not enough memory" error every time.


I then deselected syncing music in iTunes to try to clear the phone off in order to re-sync.  Now my iPhone Usage looks like this:


iphone screenshot.PNG



And now the dubious "Other" category has returned in iTunes:


itunes screenshot.png


What else can I do?  I've already reset and restored my phone twice already.

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    its a bad OS design, there's nothing you can do about it.

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    Update:  I reset iPhone AGAIN as a new phone.  Did the first auto-sync with apps, no problem.  Then had it sync my one ringtone; success.  Then I started syncing music one playlist at a time, starting with the small ones then getting increasingly larger.  That last reset seems to have purged whatever the memory issue was.

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    Update to the update:  the last (and largest) playlist got to within 50 songs then canceled with the same *#^$ message.  The "Other" category grew from a couple of tens of MB to 1.36 GB, and now the rest of my music won't fit.


    What is ridiculous is that the exact same playlists fit on my iPod Touch and my last iPhone 3, which had the same amount of memory.  It's not system data, because it wasn't even present before I started trying to sync my music.


    Stumped and frustrated by all this.