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I pre-ordered my iphone 5 (Black) got that last week. Quickly backed up my Iphone 4 and Restored my iphone 5.The first thing i checked to see is connecting to my WIFI network at home. And i kept getting a message "UNABLE TO CONNECT TO THE NETWORK". I had the iphone 4 aside and i can see iphone 4 is connected just fine. So are my laptop, Ipad and other devices.

So what is different in Iphone5?

After couple of days of head banging, and phone calls with apple support. I finally gave up and went to a apple store , they said, They have not heard any WIFI issues and my case was the first , However to keep me happy they said they will replace my device, But if have the same issue ,they will NOT be able to replace it again. And they even showed me the new iphoen connects to their "Non-secured" apple WIFI network.



So i take the new phone home, and the first thing i try is connecting to WIFI.And i still get "Unable to connect to the wifi network ".And i still can see Iphone 4 working fine and connecting to the same network just fine. With the second iphone5 also not working, I realized it is not hardware, but something surely changed with WIFI in iphone 5. I have a NETGEAR router with its latest firmware installed(2.0.26). I then downgraded my firmware to 2.0.21, then gave a shot.

BINGO..Iphone 5 works fine connects to wifi.and so is my iphone4 too.


So for all those users out there, the fact is something changed in iphone 5 WIFI algorithm. And if anyone really disagrees with me on this, I am going to post a video to demonstrate on YOUTUBE. I believe it is completely UNFAIR for apple to now ask you Upgrade/change your router or its firmware. And it is not fair for router companies to Fix anything to make their firmware compatible with iphone5.


So iphone 5 Users, Please lets us all push for a fix on this issue. WE WANT FIX.

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