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I'm having trouble buying a photo book with Aperture. Aperature does not accept my Apple ID and always wants to create a new account, then attacks but always return to my already existing data. Finally want a new delivery address and there is a message, after the securing the new address entered, try again later. This happens again and again. What's the problem?

MacBook, iOS 6.0.1, Aperture 3.0
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    There maybe several reasons for this message:


    • You may have used an image that cannot be printed - a corrupted or incompatible image file, then try to find this image and use a different version of this image. To find out, if your book can be printed at all, create a preview using the "Preview Book" button. Are all images rendered correctly?
    • Your address information may be inconsistent with Apple's rules: check carefully your zip code,
    • and check the "Language & Text" System Preferences pane: The region in the "Region" tab must be set to the country of the Apple Store you are using, and the country must be the country for the  AppleID you are using.
    • Your credit card information must be correct and the credit card valid.
    • Check your security settings at My AppleID appleid.apple.com
    • The password needs to be acceptable, at least six characters and a number and an UpperCase letter.
    • The answers to your security questions need to be at least six characters long.
    • Change the security settings at My AppleID, if they are not correct, see Kappy's post here: Go to the message
    • Check your network: a firewall or antivirus software may be blocking the connection to the Apple Store, disable them, if necessary; for example Little Snitch
    • Your book must not have more than 100 pages.
    • Too much traffic at the App Store, really try again later.
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