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I imported 280 photos from a friend.  They are "raw" from his Canon camera - .CR format.  Great-- but they take up 8 gb of hard drive space!  I'd like to trim them down a lot-- they average 10 to 18 mb each in size.  How can I reduce all the photos to about 2-3 mb each?  Is the only way to export them (and if so, how to do that?) then reimport them in the new, smaller format?


Thanks for any procedure here-- I'd love to take the originals and just batch reduce them if possible--


UPDATE BEFORE I SUBMITTED THIS JUST NOW:  I went ahead and exported the photos in batches of about 50 at a time.  I used Maximum jpeg quality and large size and reduced the approx 15 mb photos to about 750 kb each.  I then reimported them, deleting the original RAW files from iPhoto (but keeping them for now in case there is a prizewinner in there…)


This went relatively quickly.  Any other ideas in case I need to do this in the future?  Shareware or Software solution?  Appreciate it!


Steve Schulte

Wednesday 5 December 2012

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