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I am new to Mac OS X Server and I am trying to replace the default apple favicon.ico for the wiki server in OS X Server 10.8.2.  I have created my own favicon.ico and would like to use it on the wiki.  I have put my own icon in the /Library/Server/Web/Data/Sites/Default folder - and renamed the apple version of the favicon.ico that was already in the folder.  My new icon works great on the default web page - but only when I turn off the wiki service.  It seems the wiki service has its own favicon.ico file (somewhere) - but i cannot find it.  I have searched the entire system and can only find a few other occurences of favicon.ico file containing the apple logo - most of which are in the contents folder of the server.app app.  I did not try to change these.  There is also a folder /Library/Server/Wiki - but specific folders within it seem to be protected and I am wondering if that is where the favicon for the wiki might be located.  I am assuming that root needs to be enabled to see these files. Any suggestions on where the wiki favicon is located and can it be replaced?

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