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A couple od days ago, my roommate spilled a glass of water on my 2010 15" MacBook Pro.  The computer had a keyboard cover on it, but some water still got under it.  Having some knowledge on the subject, I turned the computer off right away, wiped it off, and but it upside down on a towel over night.  About 24 hours later, I took it to an apple store to have them check it out.  They ran a diagnostic test on it and showed damage to the bluetooth, but nothing else.  The guy there told me I was lucky, but assured me that the bluetooth is right next to the logic board so it is possible that my computer is now dying a slow and painful death due to the corrosion that may be happening.  I back up my computer regularly, so I took it home and have been using it since, waiting for it to start malfunctioning.  However, today I saw that the bluetooth icon in the top right corner of my computer no longer has a line through it saying that it is not available (which happened after the spill).  So did my omputer dry itself out?  I have been leaving it open near a window ever since I took it to the store?  I just don't want to give myself false hope.  Is there a chance that everything is ok?  Any knowlegde/opinions on this would be greatly appriciated!  Thanks!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.1.x)