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A few days ago, I upgrade iTunes to the latest version. Now, when trying to update some apps on my iPhone, I'm being asked to agree to new terms and conditions. Apple probably has a good reason for these changes, but that is not the point I'm trying to make.


What I find very annoying, is that Apple totally disregards my language preferences. I live in Belgium, a country with 3 official languages (Dutch, French and German). My computer OS is English, my iTunes is configured in English, yet the terms and conditions are displayed in French, without a possibility to change this. Although I understand and speak French, it is not my native language, and therefore I do not feel comfortable agreeing to legal terms and conditions. I admit that nobody ever reads these things, but still, I feel I should have the ability to do this if I wish to do so, in a language I wish to do so. Failing to offer this is in my opinion a lack of respect for your customer.


Please fix this!

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