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Hi all,


According to the OS X Server Advanced Administration Guide, under the "Choose a user’s home folder location" section, "If you choose Local Only, the user won’t have a home folder on the server and can’t log in using the account information stored on the server."  However, when I create a Local Network User account with a "Local Only" home folder, Server.app creates a home folder in that user's name in the User's directory of the Server itself.  According to the documentation that shouldn't happen, right?


The documentation gives no mention to the "None - Services Only" setting for the Home Folder.  I will only be giving users access to DNS, File Sharing, NetInstall, Software Update and Profile Manager.  I believe all I need are "Local Network User" accounts.  However, the documentation confuses me on whether the Home Folder setting should be set to "Local Only" or "None - Services Only".  Can someone clarify this for me?


Many Thanks!

Mountain Lion Server, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)