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Hi, I never used mobileme, didn't even have any smartphone or anything until the 5 came out. I recently cleared out my contacts in the iphone to get rid of yahoo e-mail only contacts that I don't want in there (they are online already, thanks) and now all of a sudden mobileme (which showed up on my screen top right not too long ago for some reason) wants to sync my iphone and delete all those contacts from yahoo and I get an alert about that all the time.


How can I get rid of this? Mobileme no longer exists, I never used it, there's no account I can access to make changes. I'd just as well get rid of it completely from my computer. I'm on 10.6.8 on a macbook pro.


On the iphone I turned off all syncing, no use for that. For the yahoo account as well as for all contacts, not sure what else to do? How can I stop mobileme from running?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Slow down and describe what you are seeing, what you are doing, and what the result is in comprehensible sentences.


    This is almost impossible to interpret.

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    sorry, I'll try again :-)


    I cleaned out my contacts on my iphone 5, removing all that were imported from yahoo mail, I only want the handful of contacts that I actually talk to on the phone in there, not hundreds of e-mail only contacts.


    Now for some reason mobileme wants to sync my computer, warning me it will remove so and so many contacts on the laptop. The two arrows for mobileme on top right of the screen are spinning at that time.


    I never used mobile me and since it seems to be gone now that would not matter anyway.


    In icloud, in itunes, and in my iphone I turned off contact syncing where ever I could find it, I still get that error pop up several times per day.


    I don't want any contact syncing with anything anywhere, I want my phone contacts to be something different than yahoo, Facebook, etc.


    Since I never used MobileMe I'm not sure why it suddenly wants to do something, especially since the service is gone. Best would be if I could just remove it or at least stop it from ever running and doing anything


    EDIT: as for what pops up:


    Sync Alert


    Syncing with Yahoo! Addres Book will make the following changes to contacts or groups on this computer:


    Contacts   Add 2 Modify 0 Delete 35.


    only options are to sync later or sync contacts, no cancel or anything else to turn this off.



    I hope that's better to understand?

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    Are you using a PC or a Mac? That doesn't sound like MobileMe, it sounds like Yahoo Mobile Sync. Either you've set up address book on your Mac to sync contacts with Yahoo, or you have installed a 3rd party (sure sounds like Yahoo) Mobile Sync app on your computer.


    Assuming you're using a Mac, check in the properties for Address Book. Right click the spinning arrow icon in the menu bar... Maybe you can see what it is from there.

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    sorry, on a macbook pro. I never installed any syncing on purpose, though who knows what some programs throw at you, I'll look into those option. When I click the spinning arrows it shows that I never synced using MobileMe, gives me the option to sync now (or stop sync if it's running) or to open mobileme prefs, which gives me a login menu but my apple ID does not work, I just get an error. Probably because the service doesn't exist anymore.


    I'll check the other things later tonight. It just started this week, after I deleted some contacts on my iphone. Odd one. All syncing for contacts is turned off on the phone and in itunes.



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    oh, if I right click the circling arrows and start a Sync I get the error message, so somehow they are related. Since I never used that service I'm not sure why it's up there and why it would start running on occasion, somewhere it seems to have a schedule. I'd just like to get rid of it all together, but that does not seem to be possible, it's not even showing up in the activity monitor.