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Just wanted to update the community with my experience -

Device is iPad2 - running 4.3.3. Some apps i wanted to use need iOS 5 and above. It was time to upgrade.

Key concern was loosing data in apps such as Study.NET, Notability and GoodReader. Lots of posts about people loosing their data and hence this post about my experience...


All I did was follow the instructions.

1. Ensured that the iPad was backed up

2. Ensured that I had "Transferred" all my purchases.

3. Ensured that I had "Synced" my iPad.

4. [Not sure if this is necessary] Downloaded updates to all apps in iTunes.



Repeated 1/2/3 above a couple of times. Renamed the "Backup" folder so I had more than one backup.


I then proceeded to upgrade from within iTunes.


iTunes first backed up my iPad, then extracted the software and performed the upgrade. It then proceeded to "restore" from Backup. At this point, it asked me for the password to the backup file and executed the backup.


ONce the backup was complete, I hoped to find all apps and app data restored but such was not the case. I did not have my photos / videos / settings ...basically nothing but a vanilla iPad with some minor stuff like the background.


I then went to iTunes and "Synced" all applications with the iPad. The process took a while but once complete - i had all apps, data, photos, video everything.


In summary, I'm happy that i did not loose data in this upgrade.



iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3