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One of our users was connected to our ML Mail Server with an old version of Outlook Express. He accidently (don't ask me how) marked all his emails and hit the delete button.


We do daily Time Machine backups and I just found this software: http://www.wondershare.com/data-recovery/


What would be the best way to restore his emails and nothing else?


Thanks in advance.



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    Its quite easy to recover the user's old mailbox, then you can take any folder (Inbox[cur,new], Sent, etc) and restore it to their current mailbox as another folder (Inbox Recovered).


    With dovecot, folders start with a "." (period) and heirarchy uses periods as separators




    Permissions have to be correct (same as what you see in the active mailbox)


    Because folders start with periods, you won't see them in Finder (permissions would stop you from getting there anyway) so you'll want to do everything from terminal


    Its easy enough if you know your way around, but would definitely be intimidating if you haven't been down this road before.


    Its been over 2 weeks since you posted. If this is something you need to get done, feel free to contact me jdj-at-mac.com