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I just reveived my 13" macbook pro less than a week ago and I feel like the battery life isn't very long.  I have the backlight setting as low as it can go and the percentage goes down so fast!  On the description of the Macbook Pro online it says it will last 7 hrs but mine definately will not last that long. What am I doing wrong??

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    What you haven't mentioned is what are you doing with your MBP? Are you watching videos online? What?

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    no videos, i have gone online and typed documents so far.

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    one thing i would suggest sarbear617 is whenever you finish using an application hit the command key and Q at the same time to quit the application, and also when at night time turn the brightness down to just one notch because the backlit keyboard will help you see.


    Main points:

    Quit out of applications not using

    turn brightnes to one notch at night

    keep plugged up while near a charger

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    These articles may give you some insights on MBP batteries:






    That 7 hour figure that Apple publishes is advertising hype based on very miserly controlled parameters.  If you get 5 hours, your doing very well.



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    I am having similar issues with my early 2011 13" MBP.  Essentially, I am getting about 3 hours of active use from a full charge, having watched the charge today drop from 100% to 9% during two 1.5 sessions (with it being put to sleep in between.)  The battery reports as normal and has 111 cycles since its purchase.


    Is this about "normal" or are people getting better mileage than this?


    Thanks for the help.

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    One may ask the question, "Normal for doing what?"  For what may be termed as light CPU?GPU loads, what you are reporting seems low.  If however you had the display turned to a very bright level, engaged in video or games, then your battery life may very well be excellent.


    Without any specific information regarding the applications that you have open and using, no can give you an informed answer.



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    There is a 197 page thread on the battery issues associated with ML here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4135250?start=2940&tstart=0.  Don't know if any of this will apply to your situation or not.


    Best advice is to monitor battery life.  If it is a problem, take it back to Apple and they can address.  It doesn't look like all machines are affected by the problem.