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know this is an old G5, 2.5 Quad, but getting ready to just use it as a iTunes home sharing computer pretty much. Can not find an IDE burner and was wondering the following question: getting a new hard drive for Christmas and want to start fresh so if I have an external dvd drive (firewire) would I be able to install Leopard back on or do I have to have a working internal dvd player for the install of Leopard to the new hard drive. If not an external firewire perhaps an external USB burner?


Thanks for any possible help.

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    The drive needs to be internal or FireWire. In rare cases, a PowerPC Mac will boot from an USB drive, but this shouldn't be relied on.



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    Ok, thanks for the reply. I have tried looking around for an IDE internal but have yet to find anything other than used ones on eBay but will give this a shot with the firewire dvd that I have when the time comes. Again, really do appreciate the reply.