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I'm soon gonna get a new SSD which is half the size of my HDD. So i guess i wont be able to restore with time machine or use disk utility to clone the drive. I'll have to start with a fresh copy of moutain lion.


What I'll want to do is that keep all my music on my ssd and let all the podcast and itunes u be on an external hdd.


can someone outline the steps to...

  • create a library on the ssd on which os x is installed.
  • move music, playlists and apps.
  • let the podcast and itunes u be on an external hdd and yet be accessible from itunes, like being referenced.


in the past i did this by moving the entire library to the internal drive and then while itunes was running, move the videos from the library folder to the external drive. it autoMAGICALLY was able to find the videos on the external drive while my music and apps were stored in the internal.


now my library size is so big with all the videos that i cannot do the above steps as i want be able to copy the entire library to the internal ssd.


any help is appreciated.


thanks in addvace.



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