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They came with the iPhone and this is the first time I tried to use them.  Anything I can do?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    everything in the box is covered by the same warranty so yes there is

    I'm suprised how many people don't this it's always been like that with all products sold by any manufacture


    best first step is to try another headset any headset will do the headset connector called 3,5mm minijack have been using since the first walkmen in the 1980's


    next step would be to try the headset in another device


    then you can see if it's the headset which is defect or the headset connector of your phone which is defect

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    I am just surprised it is not working right out of the box.  Never had this problem before with my gazzilion Apple products so never had to use the warranty.  With the Maps fiasco, etc, I am starting to think things maybe going downhill...  Am travelling so don't have anything around to see if it's the Earpods themselves or the connector on the iPhone is the problem.  Luckily I am in a city with an Apple Store, so will just take the whole package over there.

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    The problem was a very simple one - the EarPods were not plugged in properly.  They were not pushed in all the way to make proper contact.  As embarrassing as it is to admit this simple solution to a seemingly simple problem, I thought I should share it in case there are other people out there wondering the same thing...  On the positive note, the episode gave me an excuse to visit the Apple Store, and the Genius there told me I am not the first one to come in with the same issue.