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Has anyone else encountered a problem with printing documents with a header and/or footer to printers that have been deployed via Profile Manager?


I have a new school full of Mac users trying to print letterhead items that are within the printable area of the page, but every time they attempt to print the documents, they get the warning about the printable area of the page and then the printer cuts off the bottom of the footer. I have tried these exact same documents on the same printers and not experienced any problem and the only difference is that the printers have been installed directly on my MacBook, but for theirs (because they are tied to this building) are managed, so I have deployed their printers via Profile Manager.


I was able successfully troubleshoot the issue with one user by removing the managed printers and just installing them directly and without changing any other settings, the document prints without a problem. However, there are too many users to worry about managing printers individually on each and every machine.


I am continually surpised and disappointed how hit-or-miss Profile Manager has been in actually managing enrolled and configured machines. It seems like a serious step back from MCX settings, and they've had the trial-run of Lion to work the kinks out of the new system but still no success.


Any workarounds short of the individual printer management is greatly appreciated.

Mac OS X (10.7)