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I purchased an Apple Air about 10 months back and love it.


Installed is Lightroom 4. with updates and  have Photoshop CS5 Extended & Lightroom 4installed on my PC.


Heres the question. I want to install PS on my Apple Air and not sure how to determine what memory is needed.


I don't use the extended part of PS.


Here is my system preference: Model Name:     MacBook Air 13 inc Model Identifier:     MacBookAir4,2 Processor Name:     Intel Core i7 Processor Speed:     1.8 GHz Number of Processors:     1 Total Number of Cores:     2 L2 Cache (per Core):     256 KB L3 Cache:     4 MB Memory:     4 GB These numbers are greek to me Space utilized: 118.04 GB Space free 132.1 GB


What are your thoughts? Thank you

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    The application elements should only consume a tad over 2 GB, so you have plenty of room there. Memory, while not optimal, will be perfectly sufficient (Adobe specifies that even 1 GB is sufficient). Your greatest consumption will be that of media you create or store, and that can be easily managed such that most is kept on external drives if the need arises.