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Hello everyone,


I am new here and using a macbook!


To use my internet bank I need to download the Java for OS X Lion and install, the problem is... when I dowload it and try to install my Mac says that a newest version is already instaled, but when I go to Applications, utilities there aren't the "Java preferences" option.


Can you guys help me??


p.s.: It was working a feel days ago (Java Preferences was there)... I don't remember what I did to remove. =/





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities


    The most recent Java deleted Java Preferences, but you can use it as normal because Java still works without this

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    Apple decided to let Oracle, Java's owner and creator, to take over control and updating of the instance used in the Macs. Much better than the roll-your-own, wildly-outdated version Apple used to put out.


    When the new Oracle version gets installed, it indeed erases the former Java Preferences app in Utilities. But replaces it with a Java perfpane in System Preferences, that pops up a Java Control Panel that gives you all or more fine tuning capabilities. So look there.

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    But I didn't install any Oracle version in my computer. =/

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    Thanks Mende1!

    Ok that Java will work, but I need to enable the pluggings to access my intenet banking.

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    DaniellaMorais wrote:


    But I didn't install any Oracle version in my computer. =/

    Well, you'd better! At this point, the only Java version meant for the Mac is Oracle Java version 7 update 9. And the new security policy adopted by Apple after this Spring's disastrous hack involving Flash and maybe Java is to block/disable those products automatically unless they're at the latest patch level.