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Hi wonderful people.


Last night, I exported some 36000 images from iPhoto onto my desktop whilst not thinking.


I am now presented with the problem, that when I boot up my MBP, the finder and desktop are taking ages to load, often freezes and is a mess.  The coloured wheel is spinning constantly and not allowing me to do anything.


How can I resolve this?  I am not bothered about the images on the desktop, they will still be in iPhoto, so are not lost forever.


Running Lion, MBP... I am very disabled and cannot help more with techs. 


Thanks for any guidance and help.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    It sounds like the 36,000 pictures are causing the problem. Photo files are generally fairly big, so they will take some time to 'load' on the desktop. After make sure the photos are still in iPhoto, I would try deleting them from the desktop. If you do this from your desktop in the Finder sidebar, you can hold down the shift key while selecting the photos so you can delete more than one picture at a time.


    I hope this helps. I'm sorry you are disabled - I'm house-bound also, so to some extent I can sympathize.