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My MacBook Pro was running really slow so I had it looked at and was told the hard drive was slowly dying.  I had the hard drive replaced (for the second time) and have had the new hard drive for about a week. Its starting to slow down already, has problems loading webpages, stalls while streaming videos, and will freeze for a few seconds if I try loading more than one thing at a time. I know its not my internet connection because my boyfriend also has a MacBook Pro and his runs fine. Is there anything else I can do?

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    Restored from TimeMachine?


    What happens is because the origianl boot drive is failing it corrupts the data, which gets saved to TM, then gets restored back to the new drive.


    Have your files backed up to a storage drive and everything erased and freshly installed, no TM restores or other backups methods.


    Only return your files to the machine.



    If you had everything already freshly installed, then it could be your software that's to blame.


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