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I installed an SSD in my 1,1 MBP to use as a knock-around machine.
After a clean install of Snow Leopard, starting it up and playing around, I realized that it was running extremely hot. I thought it had to do with Spotlight re-indexing the new drive.

I installed SMC fan control and ran the fans at full blast and put it on the back porch, hoping to keep it cool while it indexed. It never made it through the index, peaking at 240 degrees before shutting itself down.

I ended up shutting down drive indexing entirely via Terminal (turns out mdworker and mds were running 100%+). I ended up pulling the drive, but miss the speediness.

Any suggestions on what I can do to remedy this problem so I can put the drive back in and index it properly?

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    Well an expensive solution for a knock around machine.

    Have you read about a SSD being a very different animal than a HDD?

    If you insist in having a SSD, you can "accomodate" it's being different with some changes in the OS, with the help of Terminal. But be aware that after each update you have to do that again.

    First: Stop Spotlight at all: use Onyx for that. Use another search App, like Easyfind or FindAnyFile (even better than Spotlight.

    Second: set the SMS to off:

    sudo pmset -a sms 0

    Third: set the hibernatemode off:

    sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

    sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage

    Fourth: open SystemPreferences/Energy saver: slide the "computer sleep" to "never".

    Fifth: do not run apps like DiskSpeedTest.

    And I say nothing about setting the Trim command: a very sensitive thing to do (it changes a .kext file and that is very often disastrous).

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    Use the SSD for something better and put a 7,200 RPM hard drive in there, you only have SATA I interface anyway, new machines have SATA III, 4x faster.

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    i am well aware of the differences in an HDD and an SSD, thanks! i should clarify a bit: it was a 64GB SSD which i bought online for about $80, so not very expensive. by "knockaround machine" i meant one that i am more comfortable traveling with and carrying around than my "good" MBP which has my aperture library, etc. i also occasionally DJ weddings and for whatever reason, drunk idiots love to hold their drinks right over the computer when they're making a request, so i was going to use the old machine for that, too!

    as for all of the Terminal setting hoops that i'll need to jump through with every update, i think you're both right. skip the SSD in the MBP and drop a traditional HDD in there.
    thanks for the great information!