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Hello all!  I have been reading a LOT about using Apple TV and/or iMacs for home theater, and have ended up more confused than anything.  (Part of the problem is that a lot of the most detailed articles are a few years old, and both the iMacs and Apple TV have changed since then.)  What are the real pros and cons of each?  If you have used one or both, what have you liked and disliked, and do you wish you had gone the other way, or gotten both if you only have one?




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    An iMac a just a computer build into a monitor it Will be as good a home teater as any computer connected to a tv

    And an iMac would not have as full audio exp as most tv's


    The current appletv is like an iPod for your tv apart from it dont have any storage but rely on the shared lib of a computer which is turned on and running iTunes on the same network